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synTQ FM

synTQ FM (Flexible Manufacturing) has been developed to meet the complete requirements demanded of a fully flexible PAT Data Management System.  synTQ FM is the most comprehensive version of synTQ in that it can interface to multiple instruments, multiple MVA packages, multiple control systems and run multiple unit operations concurrently.  Orchestrations (PAT methods), can be created and modified in a synTQ FM environment, and multiple versions of Orchestrations can be stored within the system.  synTQ FM is thus fully applicable for use in any PAT application, be it a research, development or manufacturing environment.  All models and Orchestrations developed within synTQ FM can be shared with other synTQ applications, thus your development time and technology investment is assured.  In a production environment synTQ FM typically runs on an industrial PC, embedded in a control panel alongside your PLC or DCS, and as such runs in much the same way as a traditional control system.  However, in a research or development environment synTQ FM often runs on a more standard machine perhaps beside or on the desk or in an access controlled enclosure.

In line with all versions of synTQ, synTQ FM is vendor neutral.  Provided that the device requiring connection has a communications interface and a known protocol, synTQ FM can connect to it.  You are not forced to use any specific vendor’s control system, instrumentation or indeed Multivariate Analysis (MVA) package – you are free to select these, creating a “best of breed” solution.  And as your systems evolve, synTQ’s multi-vendor connection capability allows you to easily add new instruments to the system taking full advantage of the latest and optimum MVA, instrumentation and control Technologies.

In Summary synTQ FM provides a fully flexible PAT Data Management System that can be deployed on all systems and processes.

Please contact us for more information on synTQ FM – we would be pleased to provide you with more details and a demonstration.

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