IFPAC Cortona 2018
One of the key topics at the IFPAC Cortona Conference 2018 will be "Manufacturing Innovation and Global Regulatory Harmonization". In relation to this subject, Optimal Industrial Technologies will discuss how to address regulatory compliance and cyber security issues when implementing process analytical technologies (PAT) in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. During the talk, Optimal will also discuss how PAT knowledge management platforms such as synTQ provide powerful and reliable software tools to provide quality assurance, data tracking and traceability.

IMA Symposium
The VIAVI Solutions and IMA Active symposium: "PAT and QbD in the solid dosage manufacturing: NIR integration from an engineering perspective" will run from 23-24 October 2018 at the IMA factory in Bologna, Italy.

Biomanufacturing Strategy Meeting Europe 2018
At Proventa International’s Biomanufacturing Strategy Meeting Europe 2018, Optimal Industrial Technologies will present how process analytical technology (PAT) knowledge management platforms such as synTQ, are benefitting biopharmaceutical processes worldwide. Controlling quality in real-time is reducing costs, delivering high-quality products and enabling the shift towards continuous manufacture.

Can Process Analytical Technology be rolled out?
Starting something new can be daunting, especially if it is big, complicated and important. Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is big and complicated and important; in fact, it looks like it will soon be indispensible for pharmaceutical production.

Is PAT the paradigm-shift that process manufacturing has been looking for?

Manufacturers worldwide are taking a closer look at how they can deliver cost-optimised, high-quality products.

Optimal hires new business development manager
With the popularity of process analytical technology (PAT) accelerating Optimal Industrial Technologies, a global leader in PAT knowledge management software, has appointed Ryan Dougall as business development manager to support the company's growth.

Interphex Japan 2018

At Interphex Japan 2018, Optimal’s regional Application Partner - Quality Design Co Ltd., will demonstrate the material benefits and latest updates for the market leading pharmaceutical production and development platform synTQ.

Interphex Japan is the largest event in Asia for pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing.

Basel conference hosts PAT software presentation

synTQ PAT software brings advanced process control to the pharma industry at DIA CMC workshop 2018

Optimal Industrial Technologies will present its latest process analytical technology (PAT) production management software at the Drug Information Association (DIA) CMC June workshop in Switzerland. How to improve product quality by-design and the benefits of a holistic approach to product development will be discussed.

Vertex Manufacturing
How innovative drug manufacturer Vertex is achieving continuous manufacturing in pharmaceutical development and production Key industry figure interview - Patricia Hurter, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical and Preclinical Sciences, Vertex

Optimal Industrial Technologies will showcase the latest advances in its PAT knowledge management platform synTQ at ACHEMA 2018, taking place from 11-15 June in Frankfurt, Germany.

Continuous process solutions
Optimal Industrial Technologies will be exhibiting at the Advances in Process Analytics and Control Technologies (APACT) ‘18 forum in Newcastle. From 25th-27th April 2018.

Interphex New York
Optimal Industrial Technologies showcases developments in its Process Analytical Technology (PAT) knowledge management platform synTQ at Interphex 2018

PAT global health
Process analytical technology (PAT) has long been recognised in manufacturing as an effective automated quality assurance tool. Used in pharma small molecule & biotech applications, it is increasing process effectiveness and productivity while reducing batch-testing requirements and minimising waste. New PAT based processes are introducing a more holistic working practice that is being applied to development, supply and manufacturing operations. The result is not just increased product quality and process efficiency, but reduced time to market for new drugs and generics.

IFPAC Washington
IFPAC Washington 2018 will again see the attendance of Optimal Industrial Technologies, one of the key industry players in process analytical technology (PAT) for industrial process applications. The business will be displaying synTQ V5, a PAT platform that has become standard within the pharma industry, and the demonstration will show new features such as Control Charts and the MSPC viewer. The event takes place from February 11th - 14th, with Optimal located on booth 308.

ISPE San Diego 2017

Building on the widespread uptake of its process analytical technology (PAT) platform synTQ, Optimal Industrial Technologies will be present on Stand 1505 at ISPE San Diego to underline the real-world productivity, quality and efficiency gains that it can deliver.

Taking place from 29th October – 1st November 2017, ISPE attendees will have the chance to meet with Optimal experts and discuss how to improve their pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing processes.

IFPAC Shanghai

Optimal's proven synTQ PAT platform at IFPAC China 2017

IFPAC travels to China this September, gathering industry experts, government representatives and academia together to discuss the technologies shaping the future of pharmaceutical and related industries. Optimal Industrial Technologies will also be present with its revolutionary process analytical technology (PAT) software synTQ, which has been proven to slash manufacturing times and open the door to continuous manufacturing.

Proventa Zurich
synTQ PAT software brings continuous manufacturing to Biomanufacturing Strategy Meeting Europe 2017

Interphex Japan
Optimal Industrial Automation and its synTQ V5 process analytical technology (PAT) based production and development platform proved extremely popular at Interphex Japan. A regular at Interphex events, Optimal’s regional Application Partner - Quality Design Co Ltd., of Osaka, Japan took the opportunity to demonstrate the tangible benefits that PAT offers to manufacturers of pharmaceuticals with a number of other exhibitors also highlighting the synTQ platform during the event.

Climbing the learning curve
Proponents of Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) make some big claims: saying that benefits include lower manufacturing costs, improved product quality, reduced time to market, and a rapid return on investment.

New pharma production techniques will increase US production
Utilising process analytical technology (PAT) in mainstream pharmaceutical production represents a new approach for several of the major US drug companies, so discussion between users and vendors at the recent synTQ user group meeting held in Maryland this April included some significant targets for change and correspondingly focussed solutions.

Sentronic PAT Meeting 2017
Optimal Industrial Automation will be joined by leading process analytical technology (PAT) practitioners and researchers in Dresden this May, as part of the Sentronic PAT Meeting 2017.

ISPE Barcelona 2017
Optimal Industrial Automation will be showcasing its complete range of automation solutions at the ISPE Conference in Barcelona in April. With the theme of this year's exhibition being 'Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in 2025' and the accelerating adoption of the company's innovative synTQ process analytical technology (PAT) software by SMEs and global pharma majors going on right now, the timing couldn't be more prescient.

Optimal to tackle real-time data management methodology at IFPAC Washington
Process analytical technology (PAT) specialists Optimal Industrial Automation will be at IFPAC Washington this year to deliver a presentation in a session chaired by Ian Leavesley of Lilly and titled "The Overlooked Gap between real-time data and offline data for Data Analytics: Data Management – technical and cGMP considerations".

Game changing software on show
Optimal Industrial Automation will be joined by process analytical technology (PAT) luminaries in Wicklow, Ireland this February as the company showcases the efficiency gains made using its revolutionary synTQ V5 software

Rising demand for freeze dried product
Optimal Industrial Automation, one of the UK’s leading integrators of 'difficult to deliver’ automation systems for the food, pharma and chemical industries, has developed a range of control automation solutions for pilot and commercial-scale freeze dryers. Optimal’s solutions champion the use of closed loop control, SCADA layers and the latest data historians to improve system efficiency, plant integration and the quality and consistency of the finished product.

BBC recognises Highview Power
The BBC has recognised the world’s largest liquid air energy storage (LAES) technology plant near Manchester, a facility that has received automation support from Bristol based automation experts, Optimal Industrial Automation

IFPAC Cortona 2016
IFPAC regulars Optimal Industrial Automation were once again at the event this October, as the market leader travelled to Cortona in Italy to further educate on practical implementation of its PAT platform, synTQ.

Pharmtech and Ingredients 2016
Russian food and pharma companies now have access to the wide ranging benefits of operating a Process Analytical Technology (PAT) production and development environment using synTQ from Optimal.

IFPAC PAT Conference 2016
Optimal officially introduced the new V5.0 version of its market leading synTQ PAT enabling software suite to the US market at the IFPAC 2016 conference in Washington D.C. The company exhibition stand and related conference participation generated strong interest in what is quickly becoming a game changing product for the global drug manufacturing industry - where it is being used to reduce development times and deliver startling increases in productivity.

Systems integration challenges
he pharmaceutical industry sees automation as the answer to many of its current operational challenges. Effective use of automation can deliver a host of benefits, including higher quality, increased reliability, lower manufacturing costs and dramatic improvements in responsiveness.